April 28, 2010
It is two years since my son passed away.... I miss him so much. My heart aches so much. We have fundraisers in his memory and we give away scholarships in his name to other high school students graduating going on to college in the in field he wanted to be...Sports Journalism. Everyday there is either one thing or many things that remind me of my son. I'm surrounded by his memory. It is very comforting, yet sometimes very sad. We had some good news this week, my daughter got engaged, his sister. They were inseperable, they were 3 years apart but like twins. She is still devasted about his loss. All I ever want is for her to be happy, I hate seeing the sorrow in her eyes. This engagement, I think is the right thing, her finance is the best!! Frankie, we miss you sweetie, and we love you forever, and ever with all our hearts!!! xoxoxo Mom

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