If My Husband Could Send Me A Letter

Honey, today I saw a tear fall down your face.
You didn’t see me standing there, nor could you feel my soft embrace.
But I was standing next to you, I know you looked around.
You seemed to wonder what it was, you thought you heard a sound.
Yes my love, it was I, who came to check on you.
I saw a tear fall from your eye, I knew you were feeling blue.
Even though you cannot see me. please know that I am near
I am now an angel from above, To brush away your tear.
I know each day you think of me, and many times shed a tear.
But please just close your eyes and know that I am near.
As I have told you often, do not be afraid to cry.
It does relieve the pain knowing we had to say goodbye.
One thing is for certain, even though life on earth is over
I’m still closer to you now than ever I was before.
I know you still don’t understand why I had to leave this earth
God doesn’t have any secrets; it’s just all planned from our birth.
Someday when you have joined me and meet God at His Throne,
It’s then you will understand the questions that have been unknown.

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