Suicide. Everyone thinks they’ll never commit it or no one they know will commit suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death in teens. It’s one of the most traumatic things to happen in a family. I was the person who thought “No one I know will commit suicide, everyone I know is happy with there lives.” I was also very wrong in my statement. The person I had least expected to ever think to commit suicide, did. It tore my world into tiny pieces when I heard the news of my cousins death.

His name is Zachery Woodard, my cousin, my best friend and the persons life who I had changed. All his life he was the smart kid, the computer nerd, and the video gamer kid. Until The Summer Of two thousand and eight, he lives in Indiana, he came to Alabama to visit his fathers side of the family. I had asked him to let me straighten his hair, he agreed after some convincing. We went shopping that day. By the time we left the mall I had him addicted to Abercrombie Hollister and Redken by the time he went back to his moms. She blames me for “the hole” in her checkbook. That Summer Me And Zachery became best friends, close as ever.

In Two thousand and nine, I had went to Indiana to watch him graduate. He deserved that diploma more than anyone who had received one that day, he always made good grades and when he didn’t he‘d get so upset. When he later told me he had gotten accepted into Perdue, I was so happy I told him “you deserve it! You’re the smartest kid I know.” He was also very happy to get in the school. That’s when I had met his girlfriend Sarah that summer for the first time, the person he came to love very much. I had never seen him so talkative and outgoing as I did that summer. He was a different kid, he had started to talk to me more about everything going on in his life. I was the one person he had opened up to.

Tuesday, march 23,2010, I woke up to the sound of mom crying. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, she finally told me, The words ill hear in my head forever “Zachery’s Dead” My knees went weak, I couldn’t breath, I looked at her and said “no he’s not, that’s not possible, it’s a mistake.” and started crying. The next day I found out how Zachery had died, he committed suicide. I couldn’t believe it all I could think was, he was a happy kid, good grades, great girlfriend, no problems. But it was real it had happened, very unexpectedly.

Zachreys death is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Everyone told me he looked up to me, even though I was the younger one. I was thanked several times for getting him to straighten his hair and wear the clothes he had to have because of me. Maybe I changed his life, made impact on him. Theres so many thing I wish I could tell him. The last ting I had told him was “I love you, stay out of trouble!” he told me “I love you too Brittany And I will” that plays in my head over and over everyday. I miss him everyday and think of him everyday.

You never think you or someone you know will commit suicide, but it can happen. Start noticing a difference in someone’s behavior, get them to open up to you talk about there problems, you could be the one to prevent a suicide of someone you love. It was a traumatic experience for me, im still dealing with the pain of losing the person I looked up to. So, don’t think it cant happen to you or someone you know, because in reality it can and will happen.

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