Lost my husband of 37 years (1972) on Nov. 20, 2009.I loved him since I was 10 years old (55 now).He had a stroke in 1997 which affected his right side. Then another big one in 2007 which got his left side. From that time on he was in the bed. I tried to take care of him as much as possible and even learned to pick him up with a gaite belt to put him on the potty, etc. It was so hard to watch a young man slowly wilt away, but I am glad I was the one that went with him through it all. Now I don't know how to feel or what to do with myself. I was 17 when we married and I have never been alone. I feel so sad and I miss him.

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Comment by rbenivamonde on June 14, 2010 at 5:14pm
Hello,my name is rachel,my father passed away on my youngest child's 12th bday...I was very close to my father,so were my children,my mom was with my father since the 4th grade,married also in "72"eloped shall i say,when my father drew the mother I knew became very diffrent,distant from my brother and I,we were a very close family I now know because of my father or so it seem's or maybe my mother does not know how to cope with with his loss,because my father became very i'll over the last 5 year's of his life and she cared for him everyday,as a wife should,he helped him to the bathroom,groomed him,bathed him etc,she took her vow to heart since the day they married,tilll the day he passed...i will alway's appriciate her being a real women/wife to my father,I hope that if it should ever happen to my husband I will be that women,I did not talk to my mother 8mo's after he passed,I grieved alone,and am still grieving only now my mother and I are trying to build our live's with my daddy gone....we still don'tknow how,I know that but i hope one day we can...I see my mother now when I talk to her like as if she is going threw her life numb,lost,just going with what ever....she is lonely,dosen't knw how to live life without her husband,your story just caught my eye maybe 4 a reason...I hope 1 day your lonliness is easier to bare with if you ever want to talk or maybe u and my mom can be phone friends to help one another cope..maybe that's god wierd way..because I just came across this and ur story was right there...please email me if u wish,,,,rbenivamonde@ymail.com...may GOd bless you for also being true to your vow's..you women are truley rare...

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