I just went through a terrible experience with the Hospice of Yuma (HOY) top managers and one particular nurse.

Mom died on June 22, 2010 of cancer in the liver. All of her medical doctors including one who posed as a medical doctor but in reality is that he is a Registered Nurse-Nurse Pratitioner. Two weeks ago I called his boss, Dr. Jose Maria Rocamora, MD at one of his three medical offices to set-up an appointment. The receptionist told me that he was already booked for a few months but she would be glad to set-up an appointment with "Dr. Guerrero" of Holtville, CA. I told her he was not an MD but a nurse.

In 12-16-2009, my 73 years old mother was discharged from the YRMC. Dr. Peter John Sullivan went on vacation but told me that he was leaving a replacement, another oncologist. The family decided to turn Mom over HOY. Since I was the owner of the house, I am 55 years old, HOY made me the person responsible to take mom 24/7. I signed beliving that I would continue taking care of all paperwork while my older brother kept taking care of Mom 24/7. However, since we had several family members in the house, we all contributed.

The Hoy field workers were great execept Erika Martinez, RN and her two top managers, John Williams and Carold Davis, RN. I disagree with HOY's way of doing business. Soon the above three individuals and one or two members of the HOY's board.

I disagree to all of the lies they wrote about me. HOY basically the only person in the house was my older brother. One day they will listen to the testimony of one of my aunts who witnessed how bad my older brother abused Mom.

Mom started to die at 1:00PM on January 22, 2009. We called HOY several times but they refused to respond. Mom was in pain. The drug HOY autorized my brother to give mom is to make her die sooner. Mom died at 5:10PM. HOY arrived at 6:10PM, the time they used in Mom's death certificate. Why HOY refused to respond to help Mom die with dignity? One or two years ago, my oldest uncle died. He lived in Somerton,AZ. As soon as his family noticed that he started to die, the called HOY and a nurse immediately responded. She stayed with my uncle and his family several hours until my uncle died.

After Mom died, HOY employees sent my brother letters and cards expressing their condolence. When I got a Dignity Survey under my brother's name, I returned stating he didn't live with us. The Hospice employees knew Mom's three sons, her sisters and brother.

Soon HOY will learn more about "Miguel" retired after 30 years in law enforcement, 26 years working as a criminal investigator, special agent, supervisor and manager. Also they will be told my a man in black robes how to properly address me as Dr. Rev. Miguel Angel Contreras, PhD, ThD

I was accused of doing something improper without telling HOY. I spoke with the HOY's duty nurse that my Mom's approved MD had requested to see her in 01-02-2010. She told me to call her if the hospital would want to keep in the hospital. In fact, I did not wanted to take Mom to her doctor but he wanted to see her. I am glad I did because it was the last time Mom was to see the neighborhood, the sky. Mom happy and smailing. Mom's MD saw her and sent us to the hospital straight to the lab section.

On 01-04-2010, Carold Davis called me to reprimend me. She did not know that Mom had Medicare. She tried to explain how they operate. HOY distorted too many things. Fraud is easy to detect. I asked Carol if they got paid $145 per day, she answered YES! I told her that as an American taxpayer I did not appreciate HOY stealing from the government (Federal and State). There were times that they only came to the house twice a week.

If you are considering using Hospices, try learning the true about them in the Internet. Your beloved one will have better chances to live a few years. Take him/her to your local Hospice and he/she will be dead within a month.

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Comment by rachel on February 25, 2012 at 11:05pm

I am very sorry for your loss and I know how you feel. I recently lost my mother. I miss her so very much.

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