I spent fathers day without my father for the second year. He passed on in March of 2008. There continues to be emptyness in my heart when I see his pictures, but know that he is no longer around on this earth. His smile was one of a kind. You could see the day brighten whenever he smiled, which was often. Miguel Silva Lopez was his name. If you had the opportunity to meet him, you would always remember him. His work ethic was at the highest standard. He always did the best he could with what he had. A small man in stature, but a man with the largest caring heart in the world. I always think about how much of him is still in me. My middle name is mike, and my two sons middle names are also mike. I did this as a tribute to a wonderful father that showed me how to be strong in life regardless of the challenges and obstacles in my path. I keep him close to me all the time. My kids profoundly loved him so much. He is missed by all of us, but we know that God took him into a better place where there is no suffering. When I was younger, I often prayed that I be the one to be taken first in my family because I didn't feel I could have dealt with the death of any member of my family, but my father instilled in me strength and confidence. My life has been in turmoil and uncertainty during the last two years. Losing my father, losing my job, and now possibly losing my home has taken a bit of a toll on me, but the Lord and my father continue to give me strength and hope that things will get better. If you should read this letter that I am writing, I ask that you say a prayer for me and my family for things to get better. My father would have told me to hang in there, never give up and keep at it, which is what I will continue to do. He would always have confidence in me no matter what the situation.

I sometimes look up at the sky and wonder if he is there watching me. I wonder if he can see me. I wonder what he can tell me a few words.

He took away my fear, and taught me how to never give up. I was confident when he was here because his expressions told me how to handle it all. His words carried strength, love and reassurance. Happy Fathers Day My Father

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