HI AMY OUR LOVE. It's almost the end of july 4th, 2010. We sadly missed you again. We took the baby, your only niece, you're brother johns little girl to see and hear a few of the local fireworks. It so reminded us how we did this with you up until you finally learned to drive or go with your friends instead of us. One of the last times you were out with your friends and right down the road from where we were watching the same fireworks. We wish so that is could be again.

We visited gram and grampa M. even tho it was real hot. We had cecelia with us. She went in linda's pool and that too reminded us of pictures we have of you doing the same thing at around the same age. All we have are memories of all the good times. And then the sad times jump in and ruin it.

We miss you so much every day in one way or the other and somehow we get through. Times have been tough all over the world and we all wonder what makes it all tick. We will find all that out when our times comes and we again get back together.

I hope you are in that great place that all talk about. HEAVEN and with the LORD.
We saw a dragon fly today and a butterfly. I will take them as signs you were around.

So, hope you had a Happy Fourth of July in Heaven with the family and friends who have joined you or met you when you arrived.

hugs and kisses forever.

luve ya so much. mom and dad

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