GOLIATH was a very big,very loveable dog,I live at hazel center in medford-it is sort of a group home for mentaly ill-my favorite days were when GREG would bring GOLIATH in for the day,and it was even better on days when EMILI a boston terrier owned by SHELLI was there also,small EMILI was big ol'e GOLIATH"S girlfriend,they got along great and were in love. I would take GOLIATH for walks,once as I was crossing the street a waitress at a coffee shop came out and yelled out"I love your dog". GOLIATH loved people,and he loved treats, I use to get him special treats, him and EMILI, who I also love. Once when GOLIATH came into my room for some attention(and treats) he kept giving me this expectent stare after I had given him his treats, finaly having gotton frusterated with me, he took off in back of my chair in my room(a recliner) and reached in a loose flap in the back of the chair and pulled out a pepperoni stick,that I had no idea was even there-but he knew! I use to like giving him treats-he would if asked bark to ask for the treat,other than that he was very quiet and never ever a problem, he never picked fights with other dogs,even when they tried to pick a fight with him, he showed great loyalty to those of us here at the hazel center that chose to be his friends,at the same time he kept a close eye on his owner GREG-his overwhelming love and loyalty for GREG was always aparent. GREGs love for GOLIATH was equaly obvious. GOLIATH was sick with bone cancer for for a long while, GREG took care of him and helped him as much as he possibly could, Iam sure it was alot of work for GREG and his wife, but they never complained, and they neverstoped in there efforts to make GOLIATH as comfortable and as happy as they could,dispite his grave illness GOLIATH remained happy in the care of those he loved most. GOLIATH passed away on friday jan.16th 2009
GOLIATH did many incredable things in his lifetime but his great love and the happiness that he brought everyone was the most incredible thing, I truely loved and will miss GOLIATH he was perfect, I am gratefull though that the pain GOLIATH suffered from the cancer is no more, if dogs can become angels,than I am certain GOLIATH will be an archangel. I am glad that EMILI the other dog I have fallen in love with is still around-I can still look forward to her visits,and comfort her, because dogs are wise, I am sure she realizes her friend and companion-herboyfriend is gone.

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