I lost my husband January 2008 under tragic circumstances . We were both widowed and had known each other years ago . WE reconnected after 50 years of being apart . We were only married 14 months  when he died of cancer . He was diagnosed on our anniversary Nov 11th 2007 and died Jan 5th 2008 .I console myself somewhat by reasoning that because he went quickly he didnt have time for prolonged suffering but im still angry at the powers that be for taking him away from me . Additionally to that trauma I put up with pure hell from his grown children ,who tried to kick me and my 97 year old mother out of our home .

He was 75 and I was 67 so of course our children were left the nest long ago and Canadian law states that the surviving spouse gets the matrimonial home . His kids wanted to make mom and I homeless and sell the house and divide the money between them . I had to get a lawyer to straighten that out all while going through grief at the same time /Then I got diagnosed with cancer myself but mine is 98% curable in a lot of cases so Im hopeful . My husband wanted my mom and I to remain there and he told me so .

I am still mourning my loss

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