Well it's been 6 months and 1 day now since my Andy took his last breath in this world.  It's still incredibly hard.  There's rarely a day that goes by that I don't WANT to give up and be with him.


We are also still battling the life insurance company, even lawyers...the one we *thought was handling everything I guess decided he was too busy but was even too busy to let us know until my husband finally just went to his office.  Nice huh?  Espcially since much of this is time sensitive and he knows it!  Heck, we hae even ran into probems trying to GIVE money to start a memorial scholarship for kids at his school!  We may end up going to small claims court and getting our money back and doing it on our own in a round about  way (Our school is the only one in the state that I know of that REQURIES us to go through the county foundation for scholarships but they can't stop us from giving a student a scholarship and presenting it via the news paper!  And like one of my kids working with us said,   "What would be the greater honor?  To get a scholarship and have it announced in the morning at school in front of just the other students or to get one and have your pitcutre in the paper for the entire community to see?"


One of the most surprising thingsgoing through this to me has been who has been there for me and who hasn't.  I've made new friends, had old friends or rather aquaintances come out of the woodwork while at the same time people who I *THOUGHT were my friends and even some family haven't been there at all.    If I wasn't strong in my own personal walk with Christ , many of the "Christians" have been the worst at being supportive during all of this and would have easily driven me further from God. (Not lumping ALL Christians in that group but ironically those who profess themselves to be the strongest most righteous in Christ for the most part would be)  Then there is one woman who is a complete stranger to me who has wrote to me and sent me helpful booklets and cd's since Andy's death.  I"ve had a card sitting here waiting for me to write someting to her for over a month now.  But how do you find the words to thank such  a caring person?  I can't find the right words to say!


I did get to see my daughter actually happy for the first time since...her BFF mom took them to see Big Time Rush this past Sundsay and they had great seats.  She was so excited and came home smiling and just hopping around, she couldn't stand still.  She was just beaming "James and Logan actually touched my hand!  James touched it TWICE!  I'm NEVER washing my hands again...never!" lol  It was sooooo nice seeing her like that!


And I've started trying to get back to making my jewelry and writing some, as well as my photography.  I'll try to remember to post some pics.


Please know that you are all  always in my thoughts and prayers....Lori, Andy's mom Forever.



Seaglass on ribbon necklace-

Went over big for the concert! :)

Alll handmade...keeps me busy!

This one is taken at night...that is the moon over the ocean-

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