Less than one year after Edward’s sad and tragic passing, for some reason, I decided to take a writing course and the second assignment was to “Write a continuous and cumulative sentence using a line form a poem. Write at least 250 words.” 

So, one night doing my homework, I sat down and wrote this sentence, un-unedited to date. It just came from the heart, as they say. 

My very demanding writing teacher could not find anything to correct except, he did say, “Linda, you can use a common every now and the.” I told him, didn’t have time, it just flowed. Here my “continuous sentence” today in honor of my dear and precious Edward’s 15-year Death Anniversary. He is dearly missed, today and everyday. 

Elements of Writing, 1998
Instructor: Alyn Warren, Assignment for Week 2
Write a Cumulative Sentence: using a line form a Poem write at least 250 word

All of us, who had the pleasure and good fortune to meet his acquaintance and know him, were inspirited by his regal presence, touched by his engaging warmth, infected by his ebullient enthusiasm , benefited by his love and coaching of our talents, amused and entertained by his quick wit and keen sense of humor, admiring of his full, smiling, Hollywood handsome face, touched and benefited from his generosity to a fault and in awe of his sophisticated air, enriched by his heart of gold, in admiration of his concern for the homeless, envious of his effortless athletic prowess and killer golf swing, heartened by his love of kids and respect for his parents, encouraged and motivated by his vision, invigorated by his energy, entertained by his countless and spell binding stories, touched by his kindness, roused by his encouragement, stirred by his passion for life, dazzled by his classy looks, invigorated by his positive thinking, enamored by his rare interpersonal genius, then, in the middle of the night . . . or while driving home on the freeway . . . or, trying to pay attention to some mindless conversation, our thoughts and memories of encounters, drinks and dinners shared cannot erase the pain of the grief and loss we must bear because he is not longer with us and, all we have left of him is our changed lives and feeble attempts to emulate his unusual talents, robust love of love and ability to have fun with each other, please! please!, say it isn't so, tell us it’s a bad dream, a fake out, a practical joke you will re-tell again and again with glee and gentle nudging . . . please, say it isn't so . . . so we can stop our banel chatter, go on living and re-enter the human. 

This was the only A+ I got in the class. 


Remembering October 28 <3Remembering Edward <3

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