its been over 9 months since my only sibling, my dear brother, died. i haven't been on here because all i would do is cry...i am glad to say i don't cry everyday. something might trigger memories & might shed some tears..or i might even laugh. what i do know for sure, i will never, ever forget my brother..& i still keep him close to my heart. i have a shelf in my livingroom on a far little sidewall..that is all his own. i had an 8 x 10 made of the pic i use here for my profile.on the shelf sits some memories of him, one of his collectible harley bikes,a little candle jar..full of feathers i find all the time, when i am silently missing him..and a feather will appear, out of gives me peace..that he is in a better place now..better than us. its the 'seperation' that will destroy you..if you let it. I won't let it. i miss him immensly..but at peace that he will never suffer with cancer again.i don't dwell in my sorrow..i am moving forward..for as far as i know..we only have this ONE live here on Earth to live...& i am living it..but i will cry sometimes, but i laugh more days than i cry, so i know i am healing just fine....hope its encouraging to those who have just lost a sibling, because 9 months ago, i would have never believed i could heal from the pain of losing my precious,only brother....

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