The night of August 25, 2010 we experienced what my son refers to as an "epic" storm. At any moment our house could have been torn apart, wind, rain and lightening kept our family from sleeping even though our bodies were exhausted & needed rest. Larry forced himself out of bed at 5:30 the next morning as I silently watched him brush his teeth, get dressed & slip out the door. It was the last time I would ever see him. In less than 3 hours he would no longer be a part of this world and the family he left behind would never enjoy the warmth of his smile, the comfort of his hug, the pleasure of his company or gain insight from his wisdom. To this day I believe that storm played a role in Larry's death. So, last night, April 4, 2011 we experienced a similar storm. I was frightened. There was no Larry to snuggle with for protection. By 2 a.m., I was wondering if it was a tornado. I was wide awake. I prayed for safety & well being for those of us effected by the storm and tried to rest. I wondered if today might be my last day, as the day after the storm was for Larry. I immediately decided if it was, that it would be my best day ever! My alarm went off (battery operated) but there was no power, so I used my cell to call my boss, and tried to get some real sleep. An hour and a half later I woke to power and a sunny day. Looking out the window gave no clue as to what we had gone through just a few hours before. I rushed out the door as quickly as I could knowing any time missed from work would be taken from the few remaining hours of vacation time. Just as I was getting into my truck I spotted our dog pen, a 10' x10' chain link fence with a roof had been picked up and hurled about 20 ft away & was now resting half on the ground with one corner resting on the top of a very large pot (used for ornamental trees). It was twisted and I wonder how extensive the damage is and was concerned about what else I might discover upon closer inspection. There is the lesson: we will go through storms in our life, but with prayer and supplication we can survive to see brighter days. One day, people may look at us and never suspect the ordeal we struggle with, but I am quite certain that upon closer inspection....


P.S. The front page of the ajc this morning reports 4 died in that storm this morning, a 20 year old father and his son who lived in the next town from me. I cried openly upon reading this news. His wife and second child survived. Also, the town where my mother & step father live in a trailer, was hard hit. She called me last night concerned and I offered for them to come stay with me, but they are an hour away and she decided to stay put. I am thankful for our safety, but my heartfelt prayers are with those who are now mourning as we are are. God bless each of us.

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