I sit here this morning wondering and thinking.I'm in a new relationship with a very careing guy who is a widower we get along great and share our past and are making a future together.As much as we miss our spouses and wish they were still here we know this is our present.The problem is his adult children,at first they seemed to be happy for us but now as they see with time that we are a couple they are having problems.They weren't speaking to him for a bit but now through his continued efferts they respond but he must make the effert.We went to my home for 2 months and that really caused problems but returned with gifts for them, one daughter came and got hers but had an excuse to not stay walked in and out.The other one he went there last night I didn't because of things she said and I wouldn't feel welcomed or comfortable. Is this how it's going to be.I want him to be in there lives but is it fare for him to be the one always making contact and then seeing them alone ? I had no problems with his kids or grand kids untill this blowup.We didn't do anything wrong but must be the ones kissing ass.I don't think I'll ever feel like part of this family again and I feel sad and as if I will always be an outsider.It's a shame they can't be happy that their dad is living and enjoying life again.My family is happy for us and treat him like family but they are 12 & 1/2 hours away. I have no intension of leaving him but I do wonder what effects this situation will have and as the holidays roll around will we be here alone ? Christmas I'm going home as I was here last year.I am finding the whole thing very disturbung and can't comprehand what the future holds.Gods work will be done !

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