Oh, Amy, I hope you can see all the beautiful colors and things that we get to see by using the internet and our earthly eyes. I miss your blue ones so much. They were perfect even tho you hated having to use contacts and hated your glasses. I know your vision is now 100% 20/20 and you can proably see forever and ever.


this is just beautiful.

 Its April, and this April 11th, will be 19 years that grandpa became an angel. We hope he is with you and all the family members that have passed and some of your friends. I hope all our pets are with you guys too. I have read that they are. I have had so many conincidences happen lately and I choose to feel you sent them. Shine down and make this year better for us all. We still miss you dearly and have days that are harder now than before. There are so many things that trigger me over and over that you are not here or coming through that door or going to make a call. I hate it still. Its too quiet without your smiles and laughter.



love and miss you so much.  XXXXOOOOO

Mom and Dad

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Comment by JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 on May 13, 2011 at 5:11am

Thanks Shannon. I have had a lot of signs and a few of her friends said she came to them the night she passed in one way or another.  Animals, songs on the radio, finding little memories at the right time, music boxes at my mom's that were her mom's that havent played in years. My moms tea cup flew off a table, and my dad witnessed it, and asked my mom, why did she throw the cup? of course she didnt touch it. My mominlaw, said she came to her in her sleep, stayed no more than a few seconds, and then she was gone. she said, she wasnt dreaming.

God bless you all too. thank God for this site because I would be in bed all day and would have given up by now.

Comment by shannon churchill on May 12, 2011 at 9:07am
I love this post to Amy.   We have had conincidences that can not be anything but meant to be a sign from above.     God Bless your precious family.  

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