Blog: Does Anybody Value Life Anymore? - Miss Universe Pageant

So today I turn on my computer and read about the Miss Universe Pageant and Steve Harvey announcing the wrong name. I know he did not mean to do this. ( I know he feels bad). This caused much chaos... One driver ran into a crowd of people on purpose and killed someone and injured 37 others. How sad... No one values life anymore. It has become an everyday occurrence...Bombings, school shootings, work place violence, parents killing kids and vice versa....Satan has got a grip on this world....We can only pray that God will end this wickedness soon....I know he will..(Revelation 21:3,4)

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Comment by Helen on December 26, 2015 at 8:30am

I can not understand the senseless killing but to kill someone you don't know for whatever reason is so beyond what I believe--I can only pray that whatever demons have caused this action is defeated--our son was run over by a young man who was in a rage--no idea why--didn't even know him--just a few short weeks ago and we are reeling from the pain--my heart goes out to the parents of these that cause so much grief to others.

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