I'm not sure this is the right place to do this but I think it is. It will be 22 months the 29 th of this month since I lost my husband. Today I can say I am once again able to smile,laugh and be happy. I have been very fortunate and blessed to have found someone to share my life with again. We met on this site and he lost his wife 13 days before I lost my husband. Neither one of us were looking for anyone else,we were grieving for our spouses simple as that. Throughout this process we began talking then exchanged e-mails then phone #s and thought nothing of it we were helping each other to cope with the devastion we were feeling. The more we talked the more we found we had in common,we were so comfortable talking about everything, our lives with our spouse the ups and downs. As we conversed things slowly began to change, IE: starting to look forward to a e-mail or a phone call then thru our talks we relized we loved the same music,so then he started sending me different songs. Well things continued to evolve little things the music would bring back so many memories,good memories.I'm not saying there weren't some sad memories but I was able to listen to the music and have good memories and enjoy music again. Then there would be a comment said,then the thought oh boy I hope I didn't offend you lol,or cross the line. We were so comfortable talking together like we knew each other a long time, talking for hours on the phone. Then the realazation hit, were we clicking as we say lol, was it possable how ??  we questioned it and ourselves so many times, so many things we had in common,our lives were so simular it was like we were being brought together for a reason ?? We talked about how it would be nice to meet in person but there was a problem we lived 12 hours apart. I said I could make the drive,well he thought I was nuts,my friends thought I was nuts to drive 12 hours to meet a man I met on the internet.To be honest I would have thought it to be crazy if it were one of my friends doing it. Something told me it will be alright so off I went, not sure how long the stay would be. When we met it was like we were old friends, I met his family and I wound up staying 7 nights in a motel and dreaded having to leave.Then two weeks later he drove with his grandson to my house for thanksgiving and met my family.We decided this, WE were ment to be, I made the decision to move. I now live with him in his home. We did this knowing we were still grieving our spouse, not having to hide our feelings and are able to talk about our loss and feelings.They are part of our lives and always will be without reservations. We speak of them daily,they are with us and I know they aprove. We will never forget them, we keep them alive in our hearts with our memories.     

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