So often we hear the doubts and speculation in respects to the dead.  I knew from the very beginning I wanted to know - where is my love one headed.  I did not want a guess or a maybe for an answer.  I wanted to know where can I find the true answer as to the dead condition.  For I have several loved ones that have fallen asleep in death. 

I have received so much comfort from that book that is the one most circulated book in the world and that book is the Bible.  It gives us so much information about anything that may plague our mind with doubts or questions. (2 Timothy 3:16).  It is the only real hope we have and can find in this world of confusion.  It answers so many questions about life.   

I have come to realize that the conditions of all of my loved ones are that they have fallen asleep in death - which is expressly indicated at Eccl 9:5.  However, in our Heavenly Father's due time - our enemy - which is death - will soon be brought to nothing as expressed at 1 Corinthians 15:26.

The pain associated with the loss of a loved one will be a thing of the past.according to the promise given at Revelation 21:3,4.   It is from that scripture that I gain so much comfort knowing that one day I will be reunited with all of my loved ones,  Knowing that my love one is liken to being in a deep sleep - brings me so much comfort- knowing that they are no longer suffering in the imperfect body passed on to us from our first human parents (Romans 5:12)

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