Conrad my son, it has been 300 Days since you went away...Happy Birthday, I Love You with all that I hold True And Good

Happy Birthday son, I/We love and miss you very much (Eloy Conrad Duran III DOB 11.10.1984 DOD 01.03.2010), although he is not here with us in person, we truly believe Conrads spirit will live forever in all of us that knew and loved him, especially his daughter Desirae...and, to write down a few heartfelt things to you my son Conrad, now desceased...for ten months, he was so tragically taken from us...murdered...300 days ago...this year...January 03, 2010...
First of all, you were born on November 10, 1984, a big baby weighing almost as much as your quite, but, even then, we knew you would be bigger than life, emotionally, psychically and changed our lives son...forever...we realized when you were born that love life and family werent just words, rather, we learned that the true meaning of family love and life truly starts with the creation of a human being, you...that your mom and I created...and it meant so much to us to be able to see you son grow up into a very special, respectable, honest, god fearing man, who was looking forward to the rest of your life, with your daughter and family and, who would give the shirt off your back, to anyone who was in need, you, who would help anyone, all they would have to do is, who enjoyed and loved every minute of every day, you surely were the poster child "for life" alive, so happy...and you realized some of your most important dreams be happy, to create another human being to carry on your surely were blessed, to be able and fortunate enough, to bring into this world, another beautiful human being, your daughter Desirae...what a gift from god she is...
It is so tough to get up everyday knowing I had to bury you, instead of vice-versa, a parent should never, never, never, never have to be put in this horrific is so tough to even get to sleep at night, and when I do, the nightmares of what happened are so terrible that I wake up in a cold sweat...I should be the one who had passed on...instead of you...If I was given one wish it would be to trade places with you...if I only knew someone or something, or if I could go back in right this wrong...seems nobody really cares like I do, but, I know they do, it just hurts me to hear people laughing and moving on with their lives...I know, I know, that is what we are supposed to do...I am just not there yet, but, I do hope I can eventually...start...this so-called healing process...knowing this tragedy will never ever go away, but learn to deal and maybe cope with it...because I do not know if I can do this much more...I love you and I miss you so much Conrad, guess I'll see you soon enough...
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