My 84-year old Mom just passed away last Monday nite, the results of a massive stroke.

After spending a week in the hospital, showing no signs of improvement, she was sent back to the nursing home she'd been in since last September. There, she was placed into the tender, loving care of the nurses and social workers of The Grace Hospice.

My Mom stated quite clearly exactly what she wanted in her Living Will that she drew up all the way back in 1995. So, it was not at all difficult to decide -- in fact it was no decision at all on my part -- to "pull all the plugs" and let her go in peace.

I went to visit with her on the first morning she was back from the hospital, and a social worker from the Hospice had me sign some forms regarding Mom's care.

She gave me a large booklet and strongly suggested I read it thru. She said it would be extremely helpful in understanding the different stages a person goes thru in the process of dying. It was called, "CROSSING THE CREEK."

I read it later when I got back home, and it was so enlightening and comforting. I understood exactly what my Mom was going thru at the time of my visit, even tho she could no longer speak. She was in what I refer to as a semi-conscious state.

If you are experiencing the death of a loved one, and you are a witness to the way they are "going downhill" -- whether it be a fast or slow process for them -- you must read this booklet, too.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, and even if you already know much of the information contained therein, you will still learn a lot that is new. And surely it can answer any and all the questions you may have about exactly what people go thru when it comes time to "cross over."

I found "Crossing the Creek" on the Inernet, so here is the link for you to connect to...


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