Do You Know My Son By Trudy Leggett 01-08-2002

I wrote this in 2002 for Nathan. I was having horror-filled nightmares 5-6 times a week about not being able to find him or when I did I couldn't get to him and it was always too late. My family and neighbors were all very sympathetic. I awoke them with screaming in my sleep several times a week. I tried all kinds of medication and nothing worked. Writing helped.....a little.

In loving memory of Nathan Glenn Leggett

Do You Know My Son

Do you know my son, I asked one older man?
He's about this tall and I showed him with my hand.
His hair is sandy blonde and his skin is usually tan.
Please, sir, tell me where I might find him, if you can.
He looked at me and then looked down.
I'm not sure he said with a puzzled frown.
He sounds familiar but, you might want to ask the woman in white sitting in the grass.

I walked over and said Excuse me, I'm looking for my son.
His smile is contagious, his laughter golden, and he's always followed by fun.
I think I know of whom you speak, she said to me with a smile.
Go to the man at the end of the road and ask if he's seen your child.

As I approached the man at the end of the road, I bowed my head and cried.
Please, Sir, help me to find my son. It's been long since I've been by his side.
The Man said, Sshh, My child do not weep. Your son, he has eyes of blue?
He sings like a bird, on his tongue is the Word and his heart to Me has always been true.
Do not worry for him my daughter. For he is in no harm.
I will take you to him to be with him again. He's been here wrapped in the Father's arms.

I know you are in good care, my child, but, that doesn't stop me from missing you. Thank you for all the love, laughter, tears and for every moment. You are cherished. "Infinity". Mom

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