Many normal, quality, good hearted persons, who would usually be balanced and feeling a sense of well being, may come upon circumstances or come to have health problems or pressures to achieve or survive in this sometimes unforgiving world we live in, that it causes them to feel intense despair that they see no reason to continue living. Sometimes it is from inherited mental health issues, which can be an overwhelming situation to be in for some.

     These persons do not usually want to die. They just want the pain to stop. If a friend is distressed to the point of wanting to die, urge that person to get help. Then, regardless of how he or she feels about it, talk to a responsible adult. Don’t worry about ruining your friendship. By reporting the matter, you show that you’re a true and loving friend! You may well save that person's life!

     Or if you have thought of ending it all, talk to someone. You have nothing to lose! It's good to remember also that with most situations that seem dire, in time things change. In many instances, the situation improves or goes away.  It is interesting to note for example, that experts say when we get older, many times just as our good hormones and physical systems in our bodies etc don't work as well anymore, also the neurochemistry in our brain etc that causes depression and mental disorders, does not work as well and we may find we feel much better as we get older. Everyone needs hope for the future also. I personally believe the Bible's hope that God will remove all problems for human's and all bad is temporary. Also the Bible hope that we will see our dead loved ones again, but in perfect health, without any health problems etc. I also have found for myself that prayer does help. Of course in conjunction with taking proactive steps to improve the situation.  


Whatever you believe, there needs to be hope of something better in the future. Don't give up on researching all your options and avenues of help and improvement. Usually a person finds something that helps if they do keep asking and looking. A person who is deeply depressed may need someone to do that for them or with them. Remember! Everything bad is temporary!!! And there is hope for one's future! So hang in there! I have found a good article I liked. So am attaching it. Also the brochure When Someone You Love Dies, published by Jehovah’s Witnesses is very helpful!You can get it at There are many coping skills also that can help many. So keep on trying! Don't give up! HUGS!

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Comment by Paula Weidemann on December 3, 2012 at 12:18pm

OK sorry the attachment didn't work. Sorry I am definitely no pro! But the link has plenty of great info! Think positive and remember those bad dark thoughts if you have depression, many times your brain is telling you are a lie! So push them away! And say "I don't accept that dark thought!", then think of something else. It doesn't have to be positive, it can be as mundane as counting the spots in the ceiling tile as long as it's not negative. It's a process. Don't get discouraged! HUGS!

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