This is my story my mom was living with me for years suddenly l had to put her in a nursing home she had Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and a mental illness . She had been there for almost 4 years complaing of lots of pain all the time. But she just kept getting pain pills to keep her quite. Well a few weeks ago the tell me were sending her to er possible stroke and heart attack. I get there she get a bunch of test ,not nothing what i expected they came back to tell me . They say no you didn't have a stroke or heart attack, you have belse palsey and stage four cancer of the lungs and liver. I was in shock she seemed to think thats what is was all along. I cried so hard and she stayed strong ! I had to tell my kids which she helped me raise they were devastated, as was i. We had burried there dad five years ago from same cancer . My mom had been my mom and dad my entire life and was a huge part of my kids. My mom lived 11 days after her diagnosis. I stayed at her side all but a few hours to sleep. The night before she died i had all my kids and grandkids there to make her smile and laugh and forget she was dying. I made my kids leave at 11 pm and layed next to my mom in bed finally we both slept from 11 to 5 in the morning. But the aide came in at 5:45 and was gonna clean her before his shift was done . Put her head of the bed down my mom screamed my name and i touched her chest and held her hand she gasped for her last breath and my mom was gone . I never got to wrap my head around she had cancer and that fast she was with my dad,grandma,brother like she wanted. And left me with a huge hole in my heart i don't know how to handle my grief with loosing my mom,best friend.,my world !!! Im a lost soul :(

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