Dearest Amy,

Well, here it is midnight, 5 days after you had your accident, 9/18/2012 about 2 hrs away from the same time we got a call from ICU that you had taken a turn for the worse. We called family and we all showed up to see you for the last time where at least you looked alive. You had tubes all over, machines running keeping things going because you had brain damage that would never get better or you would never recover. As we were to make a decision no parent would ever want to make, the nurses said, "Never mind, she is going!!!" God took over and you have been with Him ever since.

We miss you so much on a daily basis and wish it was not true but it is. All we can do is wait our turn to be with you and all the other family members that we hope you are with now. You will be the best greeter because when you were here, everyone talked about your great beautiful smile.

You are so much loved by all you ever knew you and we still hear from a lot of people who still talk of you.

You touched the lives of many. I just wish you could have been around to see Cecelia growing up, Nadia being born and then of course, your brothers baby, Mikey. Aveena is now a teenager. Grampa will soon be joining you, so make sure you are there for him.

Gram Masher says to send her love and make a note of how much she misses you too. It's going to rain tues, but we will add some little things to your resting place here on earth. We know you dont need them or maybe you are not there, but its all we have.

Keep sending signs because we will always look for them and know it was you.

Watch over all the new babies born of your classmates and college friends. There are so many. A few have been named after you or have used your middle name, Lynn for their childs middle name.

We watch shows about the afterlife or hearing from loved ones and some day we are going to do one of those medium things. You will be awesome.

So for now, we send our love and hugs to you and all with you.


Love mom and dad, and gram and all family members.


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