In the wake of my 27-year-old son's death 25 years after we lost his dad, I've started a podcast. I hope others will share their stories so that we can create a community in which others share their experiences of grief as a thin place.

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Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 17, 2018 at 9:08am

Ted died October 27, 2016. Scott died June 8, 1991.

Comment by Barbara Rieger on April 11, 2018 at 10:36pm

Thank You Lisa! Anytime you want to please connect with me click on my name or write something on latest conversations. There are not too many members that had one child. There are a couple that have lost 2 children. Lots of stories. I am rather open and because of that I've learned about many woman that have lost a child. I had gone to a bereavement group and stopped going. That was until I saw an add in the local newspaper right next to an article I wrote for the garden club I've been publicity for 9 years. It was at the convent of the church that Joe made his first communion and confirmation. It was lovely. There were 3 ladies from the church that ran the group and lost a loved one in their immediate family. You may want to seek a place to help you talk about Teddy. I've lost lots of friends but Debbie was a nice lady who had breast cancer and also a widow that I didn't know about until I read the obit at the senior center. I didn't even realize it was her until the director at the advisory meeting I'm a part of said Debbie. May I ask when did your Teddy leave? People may be supportive at the beginning but I don't particularly want anyone to telephone and remind me about the anniversary. I change the subject quickly and use my sense of humor. We can talk more if you want to and if I can help you in any way I will be here for you. Take good care of yourself and I will tell you some of the things I did to keep going. I've held my breath being extremely busy for 8 years and now I'm about to breath again. I'd have to explain that because during that time I worked hard and reached heights I never dreamed of. I better go now. Tomorrow is another day that I have a couple of things to take care of before I can watch my soaps on TV. With Love in the Name of Jesus. Barbara

Comment by Lisa Hamilton on April 11, 2018 at 7:53pm

Thank you, Barbara. Reading your email helps me feel less alone. I am so sorry for your loss of Joe. Ted was my only child also. He kept me living after his dad died when we were 32 and Teddy was 26 months. I’m also sorry that you’ve lost a friend. I imagine the shock of it stirs up the shock of losing a Joe. And friends can offer such support! It’s kindness that keeps me breathing. Love and prayers to you. 

Comment by Barbara Rieger on April 11, 2018 at 7:12pm

Hi Lisa, I don't know what happened but there use to be a large number of members that would post on the "Loss of a Child." I still go on the site and will sometimes post especially on the lates conversations. Usually to thank David for posting the flowers with a heading for each flower he posts. I lost my only child Joe when a drunk driver took his life. April 5, 2010 two police officers came to my front door. One officer was from the town where the unfortunate mishap occured and one officer was from the town my husband and I live. Our son grew up here but was residing with my mother at the time to help her a mom was in her 90's. My poor mother lost her only son and her first grandchild. The drunk driver walks the streets free as a bird. My son, my husband and I were all given a sentence with the absence of our precious son Joe. I read what was posted as I clicked on the thinplace that you posted. Life is so fragile just today at the senior center I learned that a 61 year old woman that worked there passed away after going to the hospital for a issue that took her life. She breast cancer and went through all the treatments. I believe it may have been her heart as she continued to smoke during all her procedures. My son actually saved my life because when I became with child I had to stop smoking; I couldn't breath. I did smoke one time after when something had occured that I had a difficulty dealing with. At this time I'd like to espress my sincere condolences on the death of your 27 year old son. Sincerely, Barbara  

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