Lately, we've come across a lot of interesting and helpful articles on grief, and we wanted to share a few of them with you.


Grief Is Good

An article in the Utne Reader highlights reasons why grief is good. Funeral and mourning rituals are becoming more abbreviated, and the focus is shifting more and more to "celebration." But avoiding death and the sadness that comes with it may not be entirely a good thing. Grief is painful, but we need to go through it in order to heal, says minister Kenneth Bagnell.

Attachment, Grief, and Complicated Grief

Psychology Today contributor Mitchell A. Levick, Ph.D. uses his own grief over the loss of his grandmother to examine the role attachment plays in grief. Attachment is "an affectional tie between one's self and another person or thing." We can be attached to people, objects, or ideas, and "the more we feel attached, the more it affects us when we lose that person or thing."

Our responses to loss depend in large measure on the type and the intensity of our attachments to the person or thing that is lost. Attachment makes life worth living, and attachment makes sure we are in pain when we face loss.


Juggling Wedding Planning and Grieving

In a post on, contributor Melissa reflects on the emotionally wrenching process of planning her wedding after the recent deaths of her parents.

I'm trying my best to be mature, and remember that life isn't always easy, but I keep struggling... I know I'm not alone; there are many brides who've wed with their ghosts in mind.


Finding Strength When Grieving 

In her syndicated column for the Washington Post, Carolyn Hax shared readers' insights into grief and loss:

I needed my mother more than ever. She gave me a great gift when she told me that she knew that I would be okay... I know that if she believed that I was strong enough, then I could be.


More than 30 years ago, my wife and I lost a baby just two weeks before his due date... life does go on. But I still stop by our baby’s grave occasionally, by myself, and cry for him and for our loss. I am forever changed.


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