Hi, my name is Jennifer!  I was at a family funeral this past weekend for my aunt Mary!  The women in the picture,next to my name!  She passed away January 19th, 2012!  She died from Parkinson's disease, and had been battling this for 20yrs.  She was the epitome, of a nuturing, gentle, kind spiritual women,of whom loved her children, and husband. She touched the lives of all of whom she knew.  The day of her funeral, oddly enough was like a double edged sword, as it marked 10months to the day, of loosing my mother!  She very much was like a second mother  to me. My family has no ties, due to dysfunctional issues growing up, and having no closure for both of my  parents deaths!  At her funeral, there was an overwhelming support of my extended family showing strength, and love for each other. Being included to share, has been a "cathartic" process towards healing!     If anything, my late mother's siblings, (my extended family)have taught and shown me; we do indeed have a bond, that cannot be "altered" even by death!

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