I lost my father Dec 2011 and was not informed of his death until March of 2012 through his family by a letter from a probate attorney. I wasn't  even informed by the family of my father's passing and was left out of his cremation plans and even denied my right to pay my last respects to my father. 


I am at a point where Im still grieving and yet very upset that the family stooped that low over what my father left. I have been trying to find topics on this specific issue Im facing. Grieving but yet dealing with greedy family who intentionally left me out of everything for their personal gain and selfishness = GREED!


There have been good days and bad days where I have felt sadness and anger at the way the family had treated me.  From my story it was easy for my attorney to detect animosity from that side of the family and couldn't understand why. I never did anything to those people. I was always there when there were family celebrations but then that soured once my dad passed away.


Every time there is new info about my case it infuriates me at how people can be so evil and vindictive. I am still contesting my dad's will and currently still am since March of 2012. It has been an rollercoaster of emotion one day after another.  I still try to keep my emotions in check but sometimes its very hard with this time of situation.

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