Hello Amy,


I cant believe we have gone thru another Halloween without you. You didnt celebrate it much as you got older, but it was one of those holidays you would have loved now 'cause you would have helped dress up the kids, especially Cece. She is so cute and we hope you can see her. I still go over photos of you with your pumpkin we carved and your parties from school. Oh, the good old days.

I also didnt want to post on the actual date, because its someone elses birthday and I am still not happy about this whole situation.  You are gone and the lot of them are still out having fun and I have not heard from anyone in one way or the other.  I know there is not much anyone can say, but its like nothing matters to the others. Family is still very supportive and my friends here really help to keep me sane.

I still cry and dad is just not himself anymore. He hates working and wishes he could retire sooner than 2013 when he will be 59. All our dreams have disappeared and we are so off track we have no course to follow.

Mike is going to a father sometime in Jan, a boy. We havent seen him much of him or his girl friend and her kids, but I know this is the best thing that ever happened to him. There is going to be a shower in Nov we hope she and him get all the things that are needed for a new baby.

All the other kids are growing so fast, Aveena and Nadia, Kristen little boy, Davey and her sisters son too. Everyone is getting married having kids and doing all the things we hoped you would do some day!!!

We are still trying to figure out where we are in our lives without you, you were the "star" that kept us shining from your glow!!!

Well, I am rambling and hope you know how we feel and we know you cant change anything and if this is what is to be, we will have to try harder to accept it. I think we are still in denial!!!!!!!!!!!


Gram Masher sends her love to you and grandpa and the others. I hope you have met the children that have also been chosen to be where you are and they are the best like the moms and dads I only know from this wonderful site.


Love mom and dad,

love you 4ever and ever


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