Happy 12th Anniversary My Love Doug....Dec. 26,2010

My Dearest Doug, Happy 12th Anniversary! You may have left my side, but not my heart or soul my love. Each year I made a tradition to write you a poem that encompasses  that years journey down life's lane together.  September 29, 2010 cut that journey here on earth to 11 years 9 months and three days/daze. OH GOD...how I miss you and cry so much.You and I complimented each other on the journey in so many ways, now I feel nothing but EMPTINESS,LONELINESS and SADNESS. My soul is tired. We had miles to go before our last sunset together. This one is for you my love from the top of my head....

On December 26, 1998,

Doug and Ellen United Eternally as loving mates.

Year 12 was upon them down life's trail

When BOOM! slapped with tragic end of their loving tale.

The 12 glorious years of laughter, turmoil, tears, fears and growing 

Suddenly stopped without a clue of knowing.

I sit lost, searching for the strength sometimes to stay in the moment and just recall

The love you shared with me through it all.

The sparkle of your eyes, the gentleness of your touch, Doug...my soulmate, I miss you SO very much.

Our life was full of so much more,

Now I am half a person in my core.

My writing is even amiss and my heart is too

I am just not me without you.

I love you Eternally,

Your Wife and Soulmate


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