Life like a mist, appears for just a day,

Then disappears tomorrow.

All that we are can quickly fade a away,

Replaced with tears and sorrow.

If a man should die, can he live again?

Hear the promise God has made:


He will call; the dead will answer.

They shall live at His command.

For He will have a longing

For the work of His own hand.

So have faith, and do not wonder,

For our God can make us stand.

And we shall live forever,

As the work of His own hand.

Friends of our God, though they may pass away,

Will never be forsaken.

All those asleep who in God's memory stay,

From death He will awaken.

Then we'll come to see all that life can be:

Paradise eternally.


This beautiful song reassures us of the promise that God has given to those of us who have lost a loved one to the "enemy" death. These words also give us comfort and hope in knowing that Jehovah God has a strong yearning, a longing and loving desire to bring back to life the countless billions earthwide who have fallen asleep in death. Jesus gave us a sneak preview of the miracle of a ressurrection at: John 11:1-44; Mark 5:38-43 and Luke 7:11-17. What Jesus did on a small scale while he was on earth, when it came to resurrecting people, he will do so on an earthwide scale from heaven. In Jehovah God's own due time and during a particular period in our history the resurrection will systematically begin. If we are privileged to be there to welcome back our loved ones and others from death the tears of joyful cries will be heard through out the land. See yourself there in your mind and heart there....think of the first words that will cross your lips when you see your mother or fathers or brothers or sisters, your grandparents, other relatives and friends. The scriptures at Isaiah 26:19, Acts 24:15; Revelation 21:4,5 will see fulfilment earthwide. Please, feel free to contact anyone of Jehovah's Witnesses for more information concerning the real possibility of seeing your loved ones again; or visit our website at

Take care, Jackie

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