Hello, and I hope all of you are doing only what you can do for this day.  God is good and without Him we can do nothing.  Hold on to God's unchanging Hand.  We cannot see what's up the road, but God can and when we stay connected to Him, we find peace in the midst of the storm.  The storm is boisterous and we can become afraid, but don't let go of your faith.  Hold on and know that God is riding with you in the storm.  He'll be there with you when you feel that nobody else is there.  And when the storm starts to lift, as the song says, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone."  Remember, God is with us before the storm, in the storm, and after the storm.  And until this life is over, storms are going to always be in our life, but we'll know how to ride the surf board.  Hold on soldiers of Legacy, and know if God can't do it, it just can't be done.

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