How Do We Respect Each Other Belief In Respects To Death

Death is a subject that is a reality to all of us.

We all have various means in which we cope with the loss of a love one.

However, how do we try to understand and show compassion during these hard times eventhough their belief system may be a little different from our.   Showing love and compassion can do more for a person when they are grieving then trying to pull them over into your belief pattern in respect to the dead.   (1 John 4:8)  Sometimes, just a hug will go a long way - a warm "Hello."  

As one with a strong spiritual belief - I understand how much a geniune caring spirit can do to a person who is moaning over the lost of a love one.  The pain is such that their tears is all they have to show the pain and emotional turmoil they are going through.   They need to know that their friends really care and want to hear from them - even if it is just "Hello."







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