I answered  a blog from Jane p who was very upset when a group she joined told her that we are no longer husbands and wives when we pas.   I answered it but it concerns me that a lot of you might be upset by this.   I certainly was.   I receive a newsletter every Friday from Victor Zammitt who has ben researching the afterlife for 20 odd years.   Anyone can sign up for it and sometimes I read the blogs and sometimes they are saying things I don't want to hear and don't listen.   On this particular problem of husband and wife, I got very up[set because the marriage ceremony says until death do us part and that upset me as I consider my husband and I to be soul mates..    Victor explained like this.   What you have in place of the husband and wife is what Victor calls a heart to heart connection.    The marriage ceremony was created by man but is you have a heart to heart connection then you are soul mates, no doubt at all.   What does it really matter what we call each other heart to heart or husband and wife provided we are together in the afterlife.   Please do not not be upset by anyone saying you are no longer husband and wife because soul mates are joined by a cord and have a heart to heart connection.    His web site it is is worth a visit if you want to know more but there  have been several blogs I have have been very unsettled about and I have learned to listen to the first few sentences and is they say something I don't want to hear, I just come off the site but the heart to heart connection is very comforting.   It means we will forever be with our spouses and it doesn't matter what we are called as long as we are together.

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