I feel I will be joining my wife soon...

This is a bad month for us as her birthday is tomorrow and our anniversary is the 29th.

Rose passed to God's hands May 31st, 2007 sometime between midnight and about 3:00 or 4:00 in the early morning in her sleep. She had been ill and progressively getting worse so maybe it was Gods way of relieving her of her pain.

I have multiple medical issues as well but they were mostly under control. In the last year my neurological issues have been geeting to the point that I had to take FMLA to "forgive" all the days I had my migraines. I have had neurolical conditions including epilepsy since I was a child and I have an anomoly in my left temporal lobe.

The problem is that I have to work as I am not of retirement age. Even though my Teachers Retirement Pension and my Social Security will come close to what I'm clearing now I am afraid that taxes will eat up too much.

My employer has been very patient with me but I know there is a limit and I fear now that I have used up the FMLA they will either lay me off or fire me.

That only leaves on option for me since even after I am terminated all of my insurances are paid until midnight of the last day of the month. I am ready but of course I feel for my son who will have to "pick up the pieces" of the end.

Has anybody gone onto disability successfully and still been able to pay their own way?

Thanks and God Bless,

Fred Dunn

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Comment by Jeri Grauman on April 28, 2011 at 8:50pm

Hi Fred

I am sorry about your loss. I lost my husband Tom 7 years ago Feb. 19th 2004, and as I am disabled, I was getting my disability checks at the time. I was not eligible for widow's benefits due to age. I lived on, and still live on, 1/6 of what he and I brought in together. Mostly his income obviously. I get disabled widow's benefits now, but won't get the full benefit for 11 more years. It IS possible to live on it, but lots of things don't get taken care of as they should with regard to upkeep on my home etc. But with help from agencies, I make too much for most of them HAHA, I am still here! Lonely as heck, but still here!! And by the way, he killed himself....don't leave your family with that......

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