On December 14th an incredible angel was born - I lost my best friend, my soul mate and the light and love of my life.  Joyce, my partner of 26 years passed away from complications associated with pneumonia.   She fought so hard for so long. She is a two time cancer survivor (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) at 17 and (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma) at 48.  The side effects of both cancers destroyed her body but never shook her spirit or zest for life. She is the strongest, most determined and most inspirational person I have or will ever know and tomorrow would be her 53 birthday.   We really have been inseparable our entire life together.  We enjoyed every moment we spent together and had dreams of a long long life together......   I still cant wrap my head around the reality that she is gone and will never return.   I really don't want to go on without her - all I feel is a tremendous heavy black hole.  I promised her I would carry on and I have never broken a promise to her.   I go from crying, to calm, to feeling like my breath is being taken away.  I miss her so much, I really cant imagine life without her

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Comment by Barbara Rieger on December 26, 2013 at 12:07am

Kathleen, please accept my condolences. it's understandable how you feel. Losing someone we love is difficult to say the least. Just always remember the promise you made to Joyce. You have never broken a promise to her and I believe you will follow through and carry on as you promised her. My mother told me to do something before she passed last year and I know I will do as she said to do. Why because it was the last thing she told me to do plus I love my mother.

Kathleen I hope you have registered on the right site at legacy. Then you will be able to get support from people that you can identify with. I lost my only child/son 4 years ago in April. I had gone to a bereavement group at that time. However, I found that the people there mostly lost a husband, or a partner/soul-mate as you have. It's easier for me to identify with people on the site I post on for loss of children.

May Peace Be With You,


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