Ok .. I went to sleep late last nite and I had been thinking about my dad for the past couple of days. One thing that we used to do was challenge each other in a game of bejeweled.See who got the highest score and we would tease each other about who was the master. =)

I hadn't played in awhile and i just recently started playing a lot more . So this morning I woke up in the early morning . It was still dark out,and I swore that I saw someone at the computer playing bejeweled. I thought it was my sisters fiance . I asked him this morning and he said no , that he was asleep. I told my mom and sister that I had been thinking about my dad . My last post i was saying how I wished that i'd see my dad in a dream again. I think it was my daddy telling me that he remembered our challenge's too. 

I love you daddy and I always think about you and our silly challenges ! Thank you for letting me see you =)   

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