Is this a family and if so why all my life was I so pushed away?

  My family lives in Nebraska, I live in Las Vegas.  I have always had a distant relationship with my father due to me leaving home when I did.  Today is the 2 year anniversary of my sister's death.  I have tried numerous attempts of reaching out to them and never would get that back.   I posted on Facebook my page.  When I did I looked up my sisters to reconnect with them.  They proceeded to tell me my sister had passed and did'nt know why I was not there.  Well I live in Nevada 1st of all, and secondly  I just got out of the hospital myself of having a stroke, which woke me up and was the reason why I was trying to reconnect with my family.  Once I found them they proceeded to count me out and not tell me or my children anything.  I read her posts and find out they consider me as anonymous,  so if you don't want  to listen  an answer then why would you even consider confronting me?   I was basically a babysitter,housecleaner, and whatever else they needed me for and for that same reason is why I left home the way I did.  Since then I would be the one to find out where they were and the phone # and everything else.  Noone could or would go out of there way to connect with me, but because I do love my dad so much I woulf find them and call and leave message after message until I finally got it, they were'nt even telling my dad my phone number or anything of that sort so I stopped only to find out that my sister passed in an awful way.  I have tried to reach out to them and they still consider anything I post about my sister that has passed  as from an anonymous person.   Why do they not even considerr my children his grand children they have never done anything to anyone other than want to meet them.  I remember times I would get up and feed and take care of my  sisters until their mother would get up to start getting ready for work.  I would do it not only to help her but to build a strong bond with them.  I loved my sister's and I am just devastated that not 1 call from anyone, not one posting I am included in, and why? Because they chose to discuss it on Face book what kind of place is that?  I am totally hurt that my father can't even talk to me to tell me what happened.   I do believe in Karma and I believe that someday someone will do that same thing to them,  i hope not but Karma can sneak up on ya.  My sister is in heaven know and given her wings and noone can ever take my memories or my feelings away.  I love you Corina Beth Barry and I am so sorry that you are not here...  

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