It does get better & Add me if you need Advice Etc;

 Hello , I'd love to start off by letting you know I've been out of the so called "Closet" since my 5th Grade year, & I've always been accepted for who I was ... 95% of the time. How ? Well , Where I come from it's Country , Southern , Full Blown Christian Rednecks (: & Many of us Homosexuals live by Stereotypes "African Americans , Rednecks , ETC: Hate Homosexuals" Well it's no where close to being true. You may think that just because one of them dislike your pride and what you stand for all do. NO! Think again because I've been tempted to commit suicide and just end it all. In the end I clearly did not go threw. No one deserves to be pushed to that limit , There are laws & if your Schools is against your wishes contact local LGBT Groups. Get the news involved, Get someone who stands for your Pride involved. Someone near you CARES! (: I do, And I don't even know who you are. But , I do care. We've lost Jamey Rodemeyer & Jamie Hubley these last 2 weeks & ;/ It was hard on me I cried and I didn't even know them. Death doesn't just effect your surrounding neighbors it effects people Worldwide. People do care, People do wan't to help you & ending your life isn't the Solution. There are many places to contact "Trevor Project , NOH8 ," & even me @ Just type your subject as "Gay Pride Advice Needs?"

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