Hello our dear Amy,

I hope you see that Kristen and Dave had the baby on sept 13th, the 2 yrs to the day you had your accident. she was due on the 18th.

Devin, had a baby on our anniversary, and that is strange too.


there have been many other weird or strange things that we take as signs from you.


But the hardest thing to do is getting throught  holidays without you. This is the 3rd christmas and New year, and we are just not doing much to celebrate. I dont care what others tell me or say, I dont want to act happy when I am not. I cry every day just thinking of you and how happy you were and how happy you made others when you would walk into a room or we would talk about you. We all wanted you to go far in life and then this accident took you too fast for us to comprehend. I am still numb just knowing we watched you leave us. But then again, we know you live on in others through organ donating, I so hope that is what you would have done.

Well, I will go for now and will be back. Give hugs to all those with you in Heaven. We know we will see you again some day.


love mom, dad, gram and all the family.


shine down on us and keep us safe.

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