Dear Liz,

Today it's been exactly 10 months since you died.  :(


On November 17th...we went to the ASPCA and then The Humane Society looking for a dog.  Katelyn found one at The Humane Society...a red nose chihuahua named "Buster".  Not quite what I expected...but a very sweet dog nonetheless.  Thank you for leading us to him.  He adds a little too much work to my day...but I still like having a dog that you helped us find. ♥


November 17th was also Survivor's Day.  And no offense to you...but it was kind of nice to have a day just for us!!


November 19th I went to the Support Group by myself.  There weren't that many people there...and I really missed Charlotte...but it was kind of nice nonetheless.


Then of course came Thanksgiving.  I made Thanksgiving dinner this year!!  Can you believe that?  I had to get some advice from Mom on how to do the turkey.  But I made it all myself...and miracle of miracles got no complaints!!!


It was a tough weekend after that though.  :(  Remembering the last time I saw you.  It was VERY painful.  I got through it with some help from a few of my friends...but it was tough. 


Not long after that came your birthday.  I threw you a little party.  Two parties actually.  One online...and one at my house.  Both went well. 


Mom and Dad came over for dinner.  I had rotisserie chicken, green bean casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, brownies with just a little frosting, and chocolate marshmellow ice cream.  I made everything for dinner except that Mom brought stuffing.


I said the prayer before we ate...all about you of course.


And I lit one candle on your cake...and we sang you Happy Birthday.  Boy was that weird and awkward since there was no one to give the cake to for that.  :(


I know Mom really liked the party...I got a really nice email from her the next day.


Then just yesterday it was Worldwide Candle Lighting for the Compassionate Friends.  I got to write in their Remembrance Book.  Mom did too actually.  I lit an online candle for you all day.  And from 7:00 to 8:00 I lit two actual candles. 


And that's what I've been up to this past month.  What about you?  :)


much love,

your big sister,





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