Letter to Liz dated September 10th, 2012

Dear Liz,

7 months ago today you died. 
Plus it's Wordwide Suicide Prevention Day.

Kind of a double whammy!!!

The day did not start out well.  Joshua woke me up at 7:40.  I had overslept.  And so for the first time ever my kids were late to school!!  :(
It was a really busy morning.  The Suicide Prevention Day is all over Facebook.  And there was so much activity in my groups...pages...and Wall that I could not keep up!!!

I lit candles...I wrote the word "love" on my wrist...I wore yellow.  I changed my profile picture yesterday to a special graphic for the day with your name and birth and death dates on it.  Two of the FB pages I like wanted to be flooded with pictures of the people who us survivors had lost.  I certainly did my part.  :)   I lit on online candle for you.  I lit on online candle for the loved ones of two of my FB friends.  I even took some pictures of the clouds...just to see if I could see a sign from you!

I posted that special email we exchanged of the 10 things we like about each other.  I treasure that.  :)

I also posted the words on and the note I added to your last birthday card.  A fitting one to end on I suppose.  But oh how I had absolutely no idea at the time that it would be your last birthday here on Earth!  But at least I can be thankful that for once it was on time!!!
I did a lot today.  All for you...and because I love you.  ♥

Rest in peace dear Liz...even though I miss you so much today. 
much love,
your big sister,

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