Letter to Liz part 2 dated August 10th, 2012

NOTE:  I actually wrote this to post in a FB group where I can attach a picture.  Of course I can't attach a picture here...so if you want to see the picture please go to: 
Dear Liz,
I did manage to get about 4 hours of sleep last night. About the best I can expect on such a day as this. Then the day didn't start out too well...but it got better.

I got to talk to a good online friend of mine for the first time. And thanks for the idea to talk to this person on a regular basis...I'm sure you know how much I really need that!

Spent some time commenting back and forth with someone who lost her brother on the same day I lost you! We started wondering if the two of you know each other now!? I bet you do...and that you get a kick out of him having the same first name as someone who you ended up not liking too well at all!

Got the photo that I hope attached to this letter! A dear friend put one of the last pictures ever taken of the 5 members of the Shively family...and put it in a pretty frame for me!!! *big smile* omg please be with me for the next few days while I see our sister Pam who'll be in town soon. I'm already exhausted...and I haven't even gone over there yet!!!

Even though it's only 8:30...I'm going to read my Kindle for a while...and go to bed. No more grieving today. Love you though.


much love,
your big sister,

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