I sat staring out the window, into the darkness,
Searching for some understanding, some peace of mind.
Oh, how I long for the comfort I once felt, the feeling of belonging,
And the tranquility in life, that I now cannot find.
I feel empty inside, like a part of me is now missing,
Or maybe has even died.
And with this anguish burning from deep with in my soul,
It's these bitter, angry tears that I cry.
The sudden realization that there is nothing I can do, - ever,
Pounds in my head chanting the song of a loser, an involent.
The ties that once held me to my hope are now tangled around my throat,
And they are choking me with nothing but, this pure resentment.
Oh, if only I would have known,
Such torment I could have saved this poor old heart from.
If only I would have listened to what all the others had said,
Long before all this mass destruction, was done.
But, I am a fool of all fools,
And I deserve only what I get.
And staring out across what is now just The Ruins,
I know this I shall never forget.
I took a chance,
Then I watched it all come tumbling down.
Shattering into a million pieces of What Might Have Been,
Upon the ground.

Written by Jessica Lynn Hepner

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Comment by T.C. Goodwin on August 26, 2014 at 6:04am

This is heartwarming and thank you for sharing your art...It reminds me of the Bible book of Lamentations

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