Life after death for me has always been difficult to comprehend.  I do not believe in reincarnation and the topic of religion is often a difficult one to write about.  To many opinions and differences among us humans that it is best to leave it be.

During my latest visit to Texas I came a cross a new product, well new for me that gave me a smile when thinking about death.  Before I go on I am not promoting this manufacturer but I do plan to add a link to them as I believe they deserve the credit.  This product allows our loved ones to leave for possible 100th of years on earth while at the same time making it a better place to leave for all humans and animals.   If every human would do this one could potentially save our planet.  Maybe I should not go so far.  

I will take a little type or person but if you give me a chance you may find this is right for you,  First you have to consider Cremation vs a regular funeral for your loved one.  If you are ok with this concept than continue reading.... :)

Most families use an Urn and place the remains in a crematorium ( had to look that work up) inside a cemetery. 
Other take the Urn home and keep it inside there home.

The product that i saw outside a local business  (peaceful preserve)  in Texas was an Urn that is used to plant trees with the ashes of your loved ones. Its one tree per person .  By going to their site I found that they offer multiple varieties of seeds to choose from. This allows one to memorialize a loved one with a beautiful & enduring tree

The name of the product is Bios Urn from a company in Spain and both me and my wife plan to have our children plant 2 beautiful pine trees in Colorado in the future.

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Comment by Russell Jefferson on March 13, 2016 at 2:05pm

Thanks for the post, Bertil. That is such a neat product which I have actually seen before. I really appreciate the idea of not burdening my loved ones with an astronomical cost of handling my body, as well as not polluting the planet in any way but actually improving it. I plan to incorporate the use of the Bios Urn in my will and testament as well - as does my wife.


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