Hello all marry Christmas and i know how hard it is to say that for many of us . I have lived through the past 2 Christmaswithout Adam I still remember the first few days and weeks after Adam died .I wanted to die I wanted to be with him and the pain hurt so much . I know how you all feel ive been there i,m still here and the pain is still here I just have leaned to live with it and make it my own  I want you all to say that I will make this pain my own and take as much time as you ned to understand what that means and takes its most likely the hardest thing you will ever have to do next to the loss of your child . and I want to say that remember theres allways someone that love's you just as much as you love your child and think would you want them to have to suffer this pain  its allmost like a disease for each person that die's the disease takes hold of all the people that loved them and if you were to die it would just give the disease more power and growth  I know its not what you want to hear but its the truth and I know that christmas is the hardest day of the yrin many cases and you have to remember we all have each other hereas part of our family so your never alone  and if i may ask if you can take a toy and gift it to the mariens toy drive or one like it and put it in your lost childs name its a great way to honor them and helps you at the same time little things like this will help you get through the hardest of times I hope that my massage helps with love Tim

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