Hello everyone,

I have settled in to my new apartment here in my home town of Roanoke, VA. I finally have the place the way I want it. There have been some issues, however with the couple living above me. He works nights and she has OCD. She vacuums everyday sometimes twice a day. She washes clothes everyday, sometimes multiple times during the day. What in the hell could she possibly be washing? I believe she is running a laundromat above me. Anyway, after being used to a house, this has been quite an adjustment. I have complained and hopefully things will get better. This is only a temporary home for me since I will be purchasing a house here next year. I wanted to rent and give myself time to look around and decide where I wanted to live.

I have started Real Estate School here. If everything goes as planned, I will be licensed before Thanksgiving. That will save me money on my own purchase and hopefully give me something to do that will help me pass the time and increase my income.

I am not looking forward to the holidays, since it will be my first without Noel. He so loved the holidays and I have many good memories of him. It will be hard and I know most of you will be having a hard time also. I am going to try to keep myself busy and maybe take a couple of trips to help me cope.

I like being back home, but I miss my grandson terribly. I do get to talk with him on video phone occasionally, and he tries to kiss me through the video screen. So precious!

I would love to hear from some of you, especially if you live near me. I haven't found any grief support groups here yet. I am still trying to find them.

I will post again soon. Wish me luck on my Real Estate venture.


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