by Shari Soklow on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 10:17am

this Thanksgiving time of the year, when we all want to huddle close to
our families and enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season, eat some fabulous
food and reminisce with our loved ones...please allow me to share my
story with you.

For some of us the upcoming Holidays are Bleak, indeed!  Ten months ago I lost my only child, my beloved son Howie!

was a much loved college professor, suffering from a horrific disease.
He found no hope in life, no light at the end of the tunnel, just as so
many others who have also died by suicide. Only ten months ago my world
crashed and  I will never be the same as I was before!  Bordering on
going Insane With Grief, I knew I had two choices: Sink or swim! I chose
to swim!  NOT BECAUSE....

 I had some great wonderful faith in
God, some amazing religion, a family who stood by me...NO, not at all! I
had none of these...Why? Because I value life and I value my higher
self, my innate goodness! The Christ Consciousness within me! Four years
ago I lost a wonderful beloved husband to Alzheimer's Disease, and also
broke both hips and my right shoulder while taking care of him! {So you
might call me a bit bionic} if my knees go I will then be almost
totally bionic!

Before that I lost my beloved mother, father, a
second mother to me, my precious Auntie. Two best girlfriends and a
total of seven dogs! I lost my beloved mother when I was only sixteen
years old! I missed and longed for my mother my entire life! So you see,
I just kept losing my family after age sixteen, and now in the last
chapter of my life all I have left is my 93 year old much loved uncle! I
should say 93 years YOUNG!  Of course I have you...My Beloved Friends,
My Sisters & Brothers In Sorrow! You all are so very Precious to me
and yes you have saved me!

But you see there is a moral to my
story: In ONLY TEN SHORT MONTHS, instead of putting a sack of ashes on
my head and crying, WHY ME? I did something Creative, Constructive, and
from my Very Heart And Soul! Something that will bring hope and even a
small measure of comfort to others!  I created Three Websites In
Memoriam for my Beloved Son, Howie, and I have had Three Books Published
and my Fourth Book will soon be ready to be released to the public!

this Holiday Season, when you are all gathered around the Thanksgiving
Table or your Beautiful Christmas Tree, let me be an inspiration for
you....I won't be feeling sorry for myself...that I lost my whole family
but for one dear Uncle!

I won't dwell on ALL THE EMPTY CHAIRS in
my NOW SO EMPTY HOME!  Life owed me nothing but life itself! To Life, I
will continue to go on and try to contribute in my own small way, the
best I can, to give back to life, for the Blessing of just simply being
Alive!  As for my religion? It is called  TOLERANCE * KINDNESS *
SAME AIR WE DO! The most innocent of all...the animals!

faults, too many to list! I am basically, an honest, trustworthy,
compassionate, courageous person, OK! so I NEVER SAID I was Modest!! 
This holiday season, please think of me, taking life's bitter, cruel
lemons and turning it into a good lemonade!  And when you feel that your
Tormented, Tortured, Broken Heart Will Bust from the Deep Constant
Sorrow Of Your Loss Of A Priceless Precious Most Valuable Asset....A
Beloved Precious Son or Daughter...think of me and do not give all your
thought to that empty chair...but rejoice that it was once filled with
your gift of love!

Be Thankful For what you still have, when others have nothing or next to nothing! OK?

Who Have Lost Their Children; The Mothers Book! Is the Most Meaningful,
Valuable and Worthwhile Gift you could ever buy for yourself or as a
Gift for someone you care about,  this Holiday Season! Moderately
priced... I Promise You From My Heart, I would Never Steer You Wrong! 
Please consider ordering your copy today!

Thank You With All My Heart For The Most Precious Gift Of Your Friendship!



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