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I just read a great article on here about how a loss affects the family.  We are just in the first month of suddenly losing my grandmother.

The shock right now is the biggest thing.  She was completely fine and then she was gone.  There was no illness, no time to come to acceptance.  In fact, the previous weekend, she cooked Sunday dinner, like she always did.

She was there to sew a pair of pants, there to come over and talk, she was still driving around to the grocery store.  Suddenly that all ended.  It seems like she was never almost ever here, but yet it was only a month ago!  I still cannot look at pictures, but I have made it over to her house and I realize the emptiness is real.  I like to pretend to say good bye as I lock up and walk out to my car--pretending I do not hear a response.

My mother is taking the hardest because she was around her the most.  Evening calls, visiting, etc.  I did visit once or twice a week and call here and there but it was not ritual yet even with the less I did, Sunday dinner after Mass is a reality she is not there anymore.

As a certified Grief Counselor, I know we are all recovering naturally, but it is so much harder dealing with it yourself.  Your emotions do not listen well to your mind.  The reality is we must all work through our grief and learn to adapt to the absence.

I have a strong faith, and it helps me cope.  I know that absence will only be temporary and there is a Sunday lunch waiting in Heaven

Mark Moran, GC-C

Academy of Grief Counseling

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Comment by Mark Moran on August 14, 2014 at 9:43am
Yes, both are our grandmas are with us in a different way now, but not gone. They will never be gone and one day, our own eyes will see them again--death is temporary--praise our God!
Comment by T.C. Goodwin on August 12, 2014 at 2:43pm

My maternal grandma died in 2000. The year I got married. I miss her. I enjoyed going to "grandma's house"every summer.  It was a tradition. What comforts me is my faith as well. John 5:28,29

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