On December 9th last year (2015) I lost my mama. It was so sudden that I can't seem to shake the feeling of shock. I'd like to share the story of the last few months so I can get some feedback on maybe how or why this happened:

My mom had always been healthy and active. When she turned 80 a few years back she started having aches and pains in her low back and knees which we all attributed to the fact she didn't like to exercise. She would poke fun at me (I am in the fitness business) saying the reason I did have so many aches and pains was the fact I did exercise. She still lived on her own and was active in organizations.  In early 2014 she had a fall which hurt her shoulder. She decided to move into an independent living facility near her home in Florida. I live in California and had hoped she would move out west. She decided to stay where her friends were. I flew out in fall 2014 to help her move. It was very nice place and she made friends quickly.  

In spring 2015 she had knee replacement surgery. I was against it as I thought she was a bit old to have this done, but the Drs. gave her the green light. She came through nicely and had a great PT work with her. He worked her hard. Then a few months later she had a minor stroke. I flew out again to be with her but she came through that nicely too. A bit of a memory loss and she became more anxious but nothing really major.  A few months after that she began complaining that her appetite was low. That was odd since we are a family of starving people. I eat all the time and I am always hungry and so was she. We are also thin. So she went to her Dr. who ordered some tests. It was then they found lesions on the liver. There was no confirmation yet it was cancer. So my sister and I flew out again in Nov. for her birthday and she scheduled a biopsy on the liver while were there. She didn;t want to do it but she agreed to and since the Dr. highly suggested this, she agreed. She had that done a few weeks later and my sister who lives closer (Texas) was able to be there. After that it was down hill. She had all sorts of digestive problems. Her appetite was gone, she had diarrhea, nausea etc. She checked herself into a hospital but was given intravenous and was dismissed a few days later. I had scheduled a flight to be there the 10th. She died before I got there. WTF! We know it was cancer but how did this happen so fast. Did we do something wrong? Should the biopsy have been avoided? I have no answers.   

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